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If you live in New York, Boston, D.C. or even Philly, you’ve probably noticed the increase in curb side buses like Megabus and Boltbus that are traveling around your city. Its true that they are growing. Well it looks like this new app startup, seeking funding through Indiegogo, is trying to create a mobile app to search these and other buses.

If you do a search for long distance buses you’ll see a lot of options, but its true that there is no one site to search and compare them all side-by-side like Kayak does for plane tickets. I have a feeling this is a major gap in the travel market. Just living in New York its hard to go a day, let a lone a full week, without seeing a long distance bus, or hearing about someone taking one. I guess if you’re trying to get into the mobile and travel space, this is a big hit.

We’ll see how everything works out with funding and the logistics of getting an app like this made and to the market, but hey, anythings possibile right? I could see it as a way to check last minute get aways for games or concerts, or just to visit a friend. Lots of room for growth I guess.

Cool idea or just some dude looking to way 30 large. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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